2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

Don’t Expect Many Changes In The New 2019 Volkswagen

Volkswagen has been trying for a very long time to make a place
for itself in the crossover segment in the American markets.
After years of struggling, the company has finally understood
the fact that the size of their crossover vehicle does have an
impact on the success of the same. With this realization, came
the first successful crossover from the company this year. The
compact crossover offered by the company had enough space for
both people as well as cargo. It has designed to be 10 inches
longer and got a more muscular appearance. With such a recent
success, there are not many changes that we are expecting from
the next launch of the company, the 2019 Volkswagen

The Tiguan is going to be the second generation crossover
vehicle of the company, and the first look of the same was
unfurled at the recently held Frankfurt Motor Show. As said
above, there are going to be some very minor changes that going
to happen in this vehicle. However, there are bound to be some
new features added to the vehicle in order to give it a more
advanced and a new generation feel.

Officially, the visuals of the vehicle have not yet been
released by the company, but based on the spy shots that we
were able to capture of the same, some of the most prominent
changes that we noticed have been detailed below:

Visual Impact

You can expect the new vehicle to get a more muscular and
rugged look. This look would be in keeping with the demands and
expectations of the American public from a crossover vehicle.
The brand new truck has been made bigger in size. The length of
the same has been increased by 60 and overall it has become
larger by 30mm. However, we did notice that the height of the
vehicle has been lowered by about 33mm. With these changed
measurements, the wheel base of the vehicle also had to be
changed and the new clearance level of the vehicle is going to
be somewhere around 200mm.

Some of the styling changing made to the vehicle includes
inclusion of sporty looking R-lines to the front bumper giving
the vehicle an aerodynamic profile along with a strong skirt.
The hood of the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan comes with charming
ribs, which extent right from the front pillars of the roofing
system and go way back till the corner svetoblokov.

Overall, the looks of the new vehicle are pretty vibrant

Checking Out The Interiros

There is not much changed inside the vehicle, except for the
added seating capacity of two passengers and a new infotainment
system. The infotainment system added to the vehicle is
completely new and offers many new technological features
including a more advanced environment control system. Other
than that, everything else is pretty standard is similar to
what is available in the current crossover model of the

Capacity Changes

This is the biggest and most attractive feature of the 2019
Volkswagen Tiguan. The vehicle has been designed in such a
manner that it would be able to offer comfortable seating for
up to 7 passengers and at the same time, it will also have the
capacity to haul cargo up to 73.5 cubic feet. This basically
means, that in comparison to the earlier version, this vehicle
will be able to accommodate 2 extra passengers and carry cargo
weighing 17.4 cubic feet more.

Enhanced Safety

One of the biggest additional safety features added to the car
is that in case of a pedestrian accident, the hood of the car
will rise automatically. As a result of this, additional
cushioning and safety will be provided to the passengers of the
vehicle and it will also reduce the chances of any sort of

The IIHS and the NHTSA tests have not yet been conducted on
this vehicle and therefore, there are no official ratings
available for this car.

Under The Hood

Just like the interior, do not expect too many changes in the
engine of the vehicle. The vehicle will continue to be powered
by a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, which generates a
powertrain of 184 horsepower, and is able to give you a torque
of 221 pound feet. The power to the vehicle is transmitted
through a 8 speed automatic transmission system. The standard
model of the vehicle will be available in a 4 wheel drive mode,
but on special request from the customers, an all wheel drive
will also be made available to them.

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Price and Release Date

The release date for the 2019 VolkswagenTiguan is expected to
be somewhere in the summer of 2018, and the price of the same
is expected to fall within the range of $26,095 and $38,450.
 These prices are supposed to be inclusive of the
destination fees.

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