2019 Toyota Supra Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The ‘Supra’ nameplate will mark its return in 2019. Toyota has
always been serious about building cars that appeal to the
heart of car enthusiasts. Toyota has brought back the Supra,
which is one of its most symbolic models, in order to
resuscitate ties with its performance history and bring back
car lovers into showrooms. This upcoming Toyota sports car is
believed to bring back the ‘Supra’ model in the market. Be
ready to be amazed by the brilliance of some awesome
engineering. The Supra will be developed along with BMW under a
sports-car partnership.

2019 Toyota Supra Exterior

The Supra name was inaugurated in 1978, and it was used till
2002. The Supra nameplate will mark its comeback with a sleek
and modern look.On the front side, it will get along hood along
with horizontal headlights. The bumper of the car will come
with large air dams. Toyota has tried to make a car with sporty
looks which can be used daily. It’s not a machine which will
rest in your garage, you will be using it for everyday

With a driver-oriented center console, the Toyota Supra will be
strictly a two-seater. The car looks dashing. The LED modern
technology used in the front and the tail lights give it a
stimulating appearance.The spy shots of the car look amazing
and have managed to create quite a hype in the market for all
the right reasons. Also according to the rumors, the exterior
is going to be like the FT-1 concept.

Carbon and aluminum fiber is going to be used in the making of
the chassis which is going be make it a lightweight vehicle.

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2019 Toyota Supra Interior

This is going to be a gorgeous looking vehicle. The leather
seats give the interior a classy look and are quite
comfortable. The cabin is a lovely place to be in. You will get
various options to choose from in order to get exactly what you
want, Toyota will definitely provide its customers a lot of
customization options to choose from. The TFT display on the
dashboard will further enhance the beauty of the cabin. All the
material used in the interior of the car is of great quality
and will surely give you a lot of comforts. You will get a
high-resolution screen along with a fully configurable digital
instrument cluster.

As the car is produced jointly by BMW, many of its interior
features will look like a BMW’s interiors. Still not much has
reveled about the interiors of the car. For now, we can just
make assumptions as to what will be offered and hope for the

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2019 Toyota Supra Engine

Most likely at the time of the launch the customers will be
offered a evolved variant of the V-6 engine that has already
made its first appearance in the 2018 Lexus LS. 400 horsepower
and 300 pound-feet of torque will be produced with the help of
a pair of turbochargers in its most basic variant. The
transmission options that will be offered is still not sure.
You will get a rear-wheel drive as standard. Nothing can be
surely said as of now but many rumors have been floating around
about the engine for quite some time. You can expect a turbo
four-cylinder engine which will serve as a replacement for the
previously used eight-cylinder engine. Although some rumors say
that it will be using a hybrid engine. Whatever the case may be
one can expect a maximum of 400 horsepower which will make the
car go from 0-60 mph in less than 5.5 sec and will have a top
speed of somewhat around 190 mph.

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2019 Toyota Supra Price and Release date

After reading all this it is obvious that one will be curious
to know about the release date of the Toyota Supra, the release
date of this amazing sports car should be around the end of
2018. You can expect it to cost somewhat between $40.000 and

The looks of the car are stunning and will definitely blow your
mind. Its hunky looks will bring car lovers to the shops. The
Toyota Supra 2019 will surely create a lot of buzz in the
market and will give a tough competition to all it’s rival in
the market. People have a lot of expectations from Toyota this
time, let’s see if they will be able to fulfill those
expectations or not.

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