2019 Jeep Scrambler Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The Wait For The All New 2019 Jeep Scrambler May Be
Over Very Soon

The entire automobile industry, and especially the fans of the
Jeep, have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the revamped
version of the pickup truck, which is based on the Jeep
Wrangler. The wait is finally over, and we can expect the
launch of the new Jeep Wrangler very soon. This vehicle will be
launched under the name of Jeep Scrambler, and although not
many details about the same have been released by the company
yet, we have managed to get some juicy details of the same just
for you.

Some of the highlight features you can expect from the new 2019
Jeep Scrambler are as follows:

  • There is confirmed news that this vehicle will come with a
    3.0 liter turbodiesel engine. This V6 engine will have the
    start-stop feature. This engine happens to be the same engine
    because of which Fiat-Chrysler had to face accusations of
    cheating on the emission tests.
  • While the above engine is going to be a part of the initial
    pieces manufactured, in the later stages, the company is
    planning on giving the customer another engine option, which
    would be similar to the engine that is being in the Wrangler.
  • The top of the Jeep Scrambler would be removable and it
    will include a black 3 piece hardtop, a 3 piece hardtop in the
    body color and a factory soft top. This feature would be the
    same in JT Wrangler as well. Thus, you would get the option of
    choosing between a hard top and a soft top as per your
    individual liking.
  • One major point of difference between this new 2019 Jeep
    Scrambler and the original Scrambler will be that unlike the
    older version, the new version will be featuring a four door
    crew cab.
  • The frame of the Scrambler would be bigger than that of the
    Wrangler. The difference in size would be approximately around
    33 inches, i.e., the frame of Scrambler would be 33 inches
    longer than the frame of the Wrangler.
  • In order to give stiff competition to the other leading
    pick-up trucks of Chevrolet and other midsized trucks, the
    towing capacity of this truck is expected to be above 5000lbs,
    which would be higher than the towing capacity of any other
    truck in this range, currently available in the market.
  • As far as the looks of the new 2019 Jeep Scrambler are
    concerned, they would be pretty much similar to those of the
    Wrangler. It would look like a Wrangler with a truck bed. Just
    like the upgraded Wrangler, this vehicle will also have grill
    slats which are more angled and the headlights as well as the
    taillights will have LED fittings.
  • The vehicle will be tightly wrapped in camo and padding.
  • The front bumper is going to protrude from the nose right
    in the front and give the vehicle a powerful and menacing look.
  • The rear taillights appear to protrude a bit from the side,
    while at the same time a step has been added to the rear end of
    the truck.
  • The wheel arches in the new bed also appear to be wider
    than those on the previous models of the Wrangler.
  • In order to keep the weight of the vehicle in check, the
    cargo bed of the car is expected to be made using plastics or
    composites. In fact, the lining of the bed is also going to be
    made of plastic.
  • Some very innovation cargo management features are also
    being added to the vehicle like storage boxes, Ram box, etc.
  • The trailer hitch receiver and the tow hook have been
    placed low down in the rear of the vehicle. They will be below
    the extra step provided in this vehicle and the license plate.
    In some of the recent spy shots, it appears like the tow hooks
    provided in this vehicle look pretty similar to the D-ring tow
    hooks of the Hummer.
  • The interiors of the Scrambler would be pretty much similar
    to the interiors of the Wrangler.

It is important for the readers to understand that most of the
above information is based on a lot of rumors, since the
company has yet not released any official details about
Scrambler. There are spy shots of the same that are available
on the internet, however, most of these spy shots are also
highly camouflaged and therefore, getting an exact picture of
what the 2019 Jeep Scrambler would look like is a little
difficult at this stage.

2019 Jeep Scrambler Release Date  :

While the upgraded version of the Wrangler is expected to hit
the markets somewhere in 2018, the wait for Scrambler is going
to get extended way into 2019. Again, there is no confirmed
news about the release date of the Scrambler from the company’s

2019 Jeep Scrambler Photo Gallery :


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