2019 GMC Yukon Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The Changes In 2019 GMC Yukon Make It Bolder And

Yukon has been a hot favorite amongst all those who are truly
in love with a good full sized SUV car. And to make things even
more attractive for their customers, and become the ultimate
leader of the full sized SUV segment, the company is coming up
with a new generation 2019 GMC Yukon. From the very looks of
this new vehicle you can see that it is going to be extremely
difficult for any other SUV to beat the same. Besides looks and
great performance, this time around, the company is not leaving
any stone unturned and therefore, a lot of luxuries to the car
as well.

Yukon is a big car, and definitely not meant for those who like
even their SUVs to dawn a more subtle and compressed look. This
car looks brash, which is extremely attractive about the same.
While most of the performance related features are going to
stay the same in the upgraded model, there are going to be some
minor changes that the company plans on making, in order to
make the vehicle better for its customers.

Some of the changes that you and I hope from this latest model
of Yukon are as follows:

Changes In The Exteriors And The Interiors Of
The Vehicle

The aerodynamics of the vehicle can undergo some significant
upgrading, and you can expect the same to be equipped with much
better quality supplies. There are going to be new bumpers in
the vehicle to enhance its bold looks. Similarly, the grille
will also be revamped and given stainless details. The new
Guided process will significantly improve the lighting system
in the vehicle. As far as the tires of this SUV are concerned,
you can expect 18 inch tires. There are also rumors that the
tires in this car can get even bigger and actually be or 20
inches. The fog lamps and the new black lobes will also be
absolutely new and this change would be accomplished through
re-designing radios. The settings of the car seats would be
made simpler for the convenience of the passengers. The size of
the cabin is expected to become bigger, making it more roomy
and spacious.

Many new capabilities are going to be added to the vehicle
which would add luxury to the car and reduce the noise levels
inside the car. Some of the new technology that you can expect
in this car includes, CD gamer, standard amusement method,
heated seats, 8 inch touchscreen, wireless and Bluetooth
connectivity, automatic environment control systems, OnStar
Technology, etc. As far as the security of the driver and
passengers is concerned, the company is going to upgrade its
security features and systems in the vehicle as well. new
security systems that are rumored to be a part of the new
vehicle include additional air bags, blind area alarm system
method, support for parking the car, camcorders, caution mode
for crossing traffic, steadiness manager, rear view camera,
system for notifying change, entrance accident sensors, etc.

Changes To The Engine Of The Vehicle

It is expected that the new 2019 GMC Yukon will get a brand new
engine. The engine that is going to be fitted in this vehicle
is going to be a V8 5.3 liter engine. This engine is expected
to produce a torque of 383 lb-ft and generate a horsepower of
355. Making the driving of this car a clean and smooth
experience, the engine will be attached to a 6 swiftness
automated equipment. There is going to another engine option
available to the customers, which is going to be a V8 6.2 liter
engine, that generates 420 horsepower and has a torque of 460
LB-ft. Both the engines will have the characteristic of tube
deactivation and come with a process of smart driver direction.

Price Of The New Yukon

The new 2019 GMC Yukon will come in different models, and the
prices of the same will vary from model to model and also
depend on the size. The expected price range of this vehicle is
somewhere is between $29500 and $70000, depending on the model
you choose to buy.

Release Date Of The Vehicle

There has not been any official announcement from the company’s
side with regards to the release date of the vehicle. The car
has been unveiled for the industry to view, but it is still not
available in any of the showrooms across the world for sale or
even display purposes. It is expected that the company will
make an announcement about the release date of the same
somewhere this year itself, and therefore, you can hope to be
able to buy the same next year.

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