2019 BMW M5 Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The All New 2019 BMW M5 Gets Badder And Better

The sixth generation of the M-cars has been launched by the
company. And while, from the looks of the same, you may not
find it to be much different from the earlier version, the fact
is that the new 2019 BMW M5 is badder, bolder, meaner and a lot
more powerful. The BMW M5 has already managed to earn a cult
status for itself. If the reports from Munich are to be
believed, this new machine is going to be the quickest and
technologically the most advanced car in the series till date.
The first preview of the car was unveiled by the company at the
Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, and it is expected to be available
for sale by next year.

The Firsts In BMW M5

While many of the good features from the old version, like the
revised twin turbo V8, etc., have been carried forward, there
are many new features that have been added to this car, to give
it more power and speed. Some of these first time features
added to this super saloon car are as follows:

  • The car is based on the G 30 generation 5 series.
  • For the first time, the car will feature the xDrive four
    wheel drive. The xDrive system ensures that most of the power
    gets transmitted to the rear wheels. The front wheels get this
    supply of power only when the system detects some sort of drop
    in the traction.
  • To give the driver some sideway fun, there is 2 W modes
    that completely shuts off the all wheel drive system and power
    is transmitted only to the rear.
  • A new 8 speed semi automatic gearbox has been added to the
  • The V8 turbo engine may be the same, but the power
    generated by the same in this car would go as high as 592 BHP,
    giving the car enough power to give competition to Mercedes AMG
    E 63.
  • An addition of revised twin turbochargers has been made,
    coupled with revised set of exhaust manifolds. This design
    helps in passing more exhaust gas to the engine
  • The cooling and lubrication system in the car is also new.
  • The oil pump added in the car is based on race

Changes In The Looks Of The Car

Not much has been changed as far as the looks of the car is
concerned. However, the changes are enough to give the car a
meaner and more desirable appearance. Some of the prominent
changes in the styling and designing of the car include the

  • The understated aesthetics of 5 series sedan have been
    retained. These looks have then been sprinkled with an extra
    layer of masculine aerodynamic enhancements. These enhancements
    basically depict the extra power and performance capabilities
    that the new 2019 BMW M5 possesses.
  • One can see the addition of a rear diffuser, side skirts
    and spoilers.
  • To improve the cooling of the car, enlarged air intakes
    have been provided.
  • The M5 makes use of aluminum alloys and carbon reinforced
    plastic to keep the weight of the car under check. The total
    weight of the car has been kept at around 4200 pounds. Besides
    aluminum alloys and carbonfibre, in order to manage the weight
    of the car, you will also find a boot mounted lithium ion
    battery and a lightweight exhaust system.
  • The M5 is going to be bigger than any other M5 before. Its
    length will increase from 55mm to 4965mm, while the width of
    the car grows by 12mm to 1903mm. The height of the car has also
    been increased from 16mm to 1473mm.
  • Keeping in with the tradition, this new car by BMW allows
    for a comfortable seating for 5 people and a luggage space of
    530 liters.

Technical Additions

Many technically advanced features also make their way in this
new M5 sedan.

  • Multi function steering wheel.
  • Electrically adjustable seats.
  • M-specific digital instruments.
  • M-specific head-up display system.
  • Multiple driving modes to allow the driver to choose the
    level of electronic intervention he or she desires. Basically,
    there are three driving modes available, Comfort, Sports and
    Sports Plus.
  • Gesture control.

The Pricing : 2019 BMW M5

The first look of the car has already been revealed by the
company, and it is expected that the car would be available at
the dealerships by next year, at a price of around £89,640.
However, this would only be the base price, and there would be
many features and customization options available to the
buyers, which will only increase the price of the car further

2019 BMW M5 Photo Gallery :