2018 Kia Rio Airbags, Safety Features, Safety Score

2018 Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is a five door mid segment car that can spaciously
accommodate five passengers. It may be rightly put that it can
be considered as the lowest – priced subcompact car from the
Korean brand Kia. The 2018 Kia Rio will be featuring strong and
reliable family car with spellbound performance, spacious and
premium décor interiors and well taken fuel economy.

2018 Kia Rio Engine

Under its hood will be a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine
generating an outcome of 130 hp and a torque of 119 pound feet,
which will remain the same as the previous generation Rio. This
will be mated with six speed manual and automatic transmission.
The fuel economy expected would fall around 28 mpg in the city
and 37 mpg on the highways. The 2018 Kia Rio will be available
as the base LX model, mid level S model and range topping EX

2018 Kia Rio Exteriors

The body of the 2018 Rio will be made up of extremely light
weight materials giving it the required benefits of being
light-weighted. The 2018 Rio will made available to the buyers
as a hatch back or a forthcoming sedan. The fresh designing for
the 2018 model year calls for appreciation by the buyers
especially the hatch back body style. The hatch back has
received a contemporary styling with enhanced side lines,
elegant front and rear designing, less prominent grille and
sleek décor. The 2018 model year Rio will be receiving broader
dimensions and many supplemental features which will come as a
fresh addition to the Rio lineup.

2018 Kia Rio Interiors

The interiors are premium and well laid down for the 2018 Rio.
The color scheme further enhances the look of the fourth
generation Rio. The styling incorporates reduced coercion,
ample space, color coordination and smooth finishing for the
upscale cabin. The cabin also remains mostly insulated from the
engine or outside noise, lending a serene atmosphere within.
The Infotainment System will be upgraded substantially
comprising of 5.0 to 7.0 inch touch screen display, Android
Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

2018 Kia Rio Safety Features

The body of the five door 2018 Rio will be reinforced with
Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) which lends the car an
enhanced toughness and endurance.

The Anti – lock Brake System allows for optimal tire rotation
during sudden and extreme braking such as during hair pin
bends, thereby assisting in maintaining stability on roads. The
Electronic Stability Control and Vehicle Stability Management
assists in empowering stable handling of the vehicle
incorporating precise steering control. The Automatic Emergency
Braking System holds the capability to apply brakes on
detecting any lack of control from the driver’s aspect, or may
even result in a complete halt. There is also Lane Departure
Warning System, Forward Collision Mitigation System, Tire
Pressure Monitoring System and Cruise Control for improved
stability on the roads. The Hill Start Control is a feature
that prevents the backward slippage of the car when the driver
intends to accelerate the vehicle on an incline.

How many airbags in 2018 Kia Rio?

The Advanced Airbag System incorporates dual front airbags for
the driver and the front passenger, side – impact seat –
mounted airbags and the side curtain airbags for the occupants
on the side seats of the car.

The car is yet to be tested by the Insurance Institute for
Highway Safety or by the National Highway Traffic Safety

2018 Kia Rio Pricing

The 2018 Kia Rio will be available with a minimum price tag of
$14,000 for the base model.

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