2017 Hyundai i20 Airbags, Safety Features, Safety Score

Hyundai i20 2017

Hyundai is working hard to get the Hyundai i30 N to the market.
Moreover, Hyundai is gearing up to launch the hot supermini i20
as well for the 2017 model year. The upcoming five door model
will be styled subtly but maturely and house varied options of
powertrains, which has led to slight increase in the car cost.
The materials used for the build up will be of supreme quality
in order to give competence to the other giant brands producing
the same segment cars.

2017 Hyundai i20 Engine

The second generation i20 would come powered by a turbocharged
1.6 liter which is speculated to generate an outcome of 200 hp
with the front wheel drive platform. The i20 N White would be
powered by a miniature 1.0 liter turbocharged gasoline engine
with three cylinders. This has been the fresh addition that the
market was aspiring for. It is sure to allure the customers
with its performance, fuel economy and maintenance. However,
the i20 N Red will house a naturally aspirated 1.4 liter
engine. The most desirable diesel engine housed in the 2017 i20
as an option will be a 75 bhp 1.1 liter diesel engine
delivering a whooping fuel economy of 88.3 mpg.

2017 Hyundai i20 Exteriors

The previous generation i20 was designed averagely with low
features and the market was eagerly looking forward to the
fresh modifications for the second generation i20. Hyundai has
even brought to roads a sensuously designed three door mini car
under the name i20 Coupe. The second generation five door i20
will showcase firmness and stability on roads, however, the
vehicle control may get imbalanced at times because of the poor
condition of the roads, otherwise the next gen i20 prioritises
smoothness in every way. On the outside, the car has been
freshly modified with modern lines and features from the nose
to the tail. There are new additions of tear drop shaped
headlights and a chrome polished radiator grille.

2017 Hyundai i20 Interiors

The interiors of the new generation i20 have been
contemporarily styled with subtle color scheme and easy – to –
use cabin features. The seats are well cushioned and highly
accommodating with potent comfort adjustability systems. The
head room and leg room is ample and a family with four adults
and a child can easily and spaciously accommodate itself within
the given space. The infotainment system comprises of color TFT
LCD screen with AUX and USB connectivity, Radio / CD / Mp3
player and road – by – road Navigation System.

2017 Hyundai i20 Safety Features

There are many driver assistive technologies incorporated in
the next gen i20 to ensure better control on roads and prevent
accidents / collisions. To name a few, is the Lane Departure
Warning System that alerts the driver with an instant visual
and audible warning sign about any loss of control in
maintaining the lane drive. This comes coupled with Emergency
Automatic Braking that helps assist the driver in reducing the
car speed and moving to the halt lane before coming to a
complete halt in conditions where driver’s intervention is not
detected even after the warning signs have been delivered. The
2017 i20 also features Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) which
automatically flashes emergency lights on the rear end to alert
the following drivers about the sudden braking. There is
additional Parking Assist System at the front and rear end
which substantially contributes in making the parking easier
with their audio – visual signals. There is Tire Pressure
Monitoring System that allows for timely alerts when the air
pressure in the tires begins to decline. The Electronic
Stability Control and Vehicle Stability Management System
ensures maximum stability of the vehicle on roads and lowers
skidding instances by modifying the braking performance of the

How many airbags in 2017 Hyundai i20?

The new generation i20 from Hyundai incorporates a 6 airbag
system consisting of frontal airbags for the driver and the
front passenger to prevent the front occupants during an impact
from the front collision; front side airbags and front and rear
side curtain airbags to prevent the passengers on the sides
from any impact during a side collision or a rollover.

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